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Radio transmitter detection requires two complimentary steps – search and guard. Search Mode enables to detect and locate the transmitters activated to the moment. Guard Mode provides continuous monitoring of the radio signals thus the transmitters are detected at the moment of their activation.

Before searching the target area all the radio signal sources should be switched off (mobile and cordless telephones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens). To activate the transmitters with voice control use any sound source.

Place the RF detector in the center of the room and switch on Search mode. Gradually approach the probable transmitter locations and watch the possible change of the signal level. Both light and sound indication can be used – the closer to the source of signal – the higher is the frequency of flashes. The high flash increase might indicate a hidden surveillance device.

After verification of the clean area change the mode to Guard and place RF Detector at your convenience. The RF Detector should stay stable to avoid false alarms. The alarm signal is generated when detection a threat radio signal.

The efficiency of radio signal detection in Guard Mode depends on correct setting of threshold levels. The mobile phones for instance are characterized by wide range of signal magnitude. Use the Digital Signals Monitoring Mode to define the signal levels of mobile and cordless phones, Bluetooth and the like and adjust the threshold level if necessary. The higher is the threshold level the less probable is false alarm but distance of detection will lessen as well.

You can download Raksa iDet Instruction in PDF format.